High Definition Vaser Liposculpturing

The commonest problem in men is accumulation of excess fat around the midriff and chest. This increase the waist size and causes tummy bulges. Even in body builders and athletic males sometimes a layer of fat under the skin prevents them from getting ideal “6 pacs”d chest definition. No matter how much they exercise the stubborn or genetic fat refuses to go away.

Vaser high definition liposculpturing is the ideal solution to remove the fat and have a perfect muscular abs and chest. This procedure allows them to achieve a “6 pac” abdomen and a sculpted chest.

How is the Vaser high definition procedure carried out?

The procedure requires either local anaesthesia with IV sedation or general anaesthesia depending upon the medical condition of the person.

Marking is performed to identify the underlying rectus muscles with its central linear groove that is formed by linea alba where the rectus muscle of both sides unite. The tendinous intersections of rectus muscles are marked on both sides. These are attachments of the skin to underlying muscle. Then border between the rectus muscle and external obliques are marked.
The chest muscles are marked and areas of excess fat are marked that needs removal.

Tumescent fluid is injected in the tummy and chest. Small incisions are made in hidden areas.

Vaser probe is inserted under the skin and the fat is emulsified. After all the emulsification of the fat, low power vacuum is used to remove the fat. While doing so particular attention is paid to the muscular highlights. Final stage is “Vaser soft touch” ie a small probe of Vaser ultrasound is used just under the skin to tighten the skin.

What is Vaser Liposelect?

It is similar to Vaser HD liposculpturing, the concept being the ultrasonic energy selectively breaks down the fatty tissue without causing damage to any other important structures like veins, nerves, muscles etc.

What is the recovery after Vaser high definition Liposculpturing?

The patients go home the same day with a dressing. Next day the dressing is removed and patient can shower. The tummy and chest nearly looks perfect next day without much bruising and swelling. I recommend using ” medifoam” in a specific way under a pressure garment.
Most patients after a rest of two to three days can drive around and start working.
In 1 week time I encourage them to start moderate exercises.

What are the risks of Vaser HD liposculpturing?

The risks include seroma, infection, skin irregularities, lumpiness, burns etc. An experienced and skilled surgeon can avoid all these complications and minimize the risks.

How long the result of surgery lasts?

A “true high definition liposculpturing” lasts much longer than a “fake six pacs creation”. The difference is that ideally most of the fat is removed between skin and muscle leaving behind a thin layer that is essential. This allows the muscle to show its outlines. Once a patient starts working out the ” true 6 pacs” start appearing. This results last very long.
On the other hand a pseudo six pacs that is created by leaving behind fat on the muscles to create an artificial 6 pac, may look attractive initially, but in few months left over fat swells up and causes unsightly bulges.

What is the cost of High definition liposculpturing?

The cost varies depending upon the extent of procedure, medical background and type of anaesthesia required. It requires extensive experience and skills of the surgeon, state of the art technology and high quality materials to safely and effectively perform the procedure.