Vaginoplasty is a cosmetic surgery useful for tightening the vaginal canal and the inner mucus membrane lining. This surgery aims to remove excess or damaged mucus lining from the canal and also strengthening the vaginal muscles. This surgery is ideal for enhancing and strengthening the functioning of the vulva-vaginal structure. Vaginoplasty can be used as a cosmetic or a medical surgery.

 When in Vaginoplasty needed?

Vaginoplasty is required for medical reasons when the vaginal canal or its surrounding structure suffers damage or is absent altogether. These conditions can arise due to a congenital (birth) defect or due to a complication from a medical disease, disorder or injury. Vaginoplasty is mostly required for specifically reshaping the underlying tissue and make the muscles more firm along with the inner mucus membrane lining the vaginal canal.

How is Vaginoplasty performed?

Basically, a Vaginoplasty procedure is used to remove the excess inner membrane lining of the vaginal area and tighten the muscles and surrounding soft tissue effectively. This surgery is a completely aesthetic procedure and does not affect the fertility of the patient in any way. In some cases, patients who have undergone Vaginoplasty have later given birth and experienced healing without the need for a second procedure.

The cosmetic surgeon will use soft tissue sourced from the patient themselves to repair or reconstruct the vulva-vaginal canal. The surgeon may source the soft tissue from:

  • Skin grafts
  • Skin flaps
  • Penile skin
  • Vaginal labia
  • Penile tissue
  • Intestinal mucosa
  • Scrotal skin

Skin with hair is first depilated (hair removed) using various techniques before being transplanted.

These are some of the techniques used to perform Vaginoplasty:

  • Balloon vaginal surgery:  This is the fastest method for creating a new vagina (neo-vagina) in a patient. The surgeon uses minimally invasive laparoscopic technique to perform this surgery. The laparoscope is attached with a foley catheter and gently inserted into the recto-uterine pouch. Once the catheter is in place, the surgeon will begin to inflate the balloon and applying traction at the same time, this results in the formation of a neo-vagina.
  • Buccal mucosa surgery:  This is an advanced surgical technique for treatment of vaginal agenesis. This technique uses the soft buccal mucosa tissue which lines the insides of the cheeks to create a tissue lining of the vaginal canal. The surgeon will harvest the soft tissue from inside the cheek and form a stent which is placed in a special space created between the perineal skin and labia minora.
  • Colovaginoplasty:  This is an extensive surgery and requires the surgeon to remove a portion of the sigmoid colon and form the vaginal structure using the colon’s pedicle as the tissue for the new vagina.

Vaginoplasty is one of the increasingly popular cosmetic body procedures that are in demand around the world. Vaginoplasty is an ideal solution for middle-aged women who wish to have a tighter vaginal opening for aesthetic reasons. Expert cosmetic surgeons are able to deliver excellent results for Vaginoplasty.