Bra Roll Removal

Bra roll removal refers to the cosmetic surgery done to remove the excessive fat in the back, just around the bra line. This is a fat removal cosmetic procedure which is performed in the upper back.

Ageing is the main cause of development of back fat in women and men alike. As dieting and exercising are not always successful in removing this upper back fat, a small cosmetic surgery is required to remove it.

Who is an ideal candidate for a Bra Roll Removal procedure?

Apart from women, a few men also undergo this procedure, which is aimed at removing excessive fat from the upper back. Any person with sagging skin around the ‘bra-line’ (upper-mid) back) is eligible for a bra roll removal surgery.

This surgery is, however, more suitable for women as the bra straps can effectively hide any scarring while men do not have much of an option. Back fat mostly develops with aging. Other factors that may result in excessive back fat formation is significant sun damage, skin aging, etc. Often, patients experience accumulation of fat in the other regions, after undergoing a weight loss surgery. This also results in sagging skin in various parts of the body. Additional body lift cosmetic surgery is mostly required to improve overall appearance of the body.

How is Bra Roll Removal procedure performed?

Initially, the surgeon will mark the excessively fat areas in the upper back clearly. Then the surgeon will administer anesthesia to numb the upper back region. This prevents any pain or discomfort to the patient while the surgery is being performed.

The surgeon will then begin making incisions along the markings. These incisions are used to remove the underlying fat tissue surgical methods. Once the fatty tissue is removed from under the skin, the surgeon will also remove excessive skin. The remaining skin is then stretched over the area and using fine suture, the incisions will be closed.

The fat removal gives the back a flat appearance while the stretched skin over the upper back helps to remove any wrinkles. This is a fairly short cosmetic procedure and usually takes anywhere from half hours and is performed as an outpatient procedure.

What is recovery like after a Bra Roll Removal?

Once the bra roll removal surgery is completed the patient is discharged from the hospital as soon as the anesthesia wears off. Typically, recovery takes around a couple of weeks. In this time, the patient is advised to get complete rest and avoid stressful physical activity. Initially, bras of any kind will be disallowed, while a loose-fitting bra will be recommended after a few weeks.

The results are highly satisfactory if the bra roll removal surgery is performed at the hands of an experienced and well-trained cosmetic surgeon.

Bra roll removal is essentially useful for removing excessive fat from the upper part of the back. This is an effective cosmetic surgery to make the back more attractive and youthful which helps to improve the overall contours of the body.