Lip Reduction

Lip reduction (also known as cheiloplasty) is a cosmetic procedure which is aimed at decreasing the size of overlarge lips in a person. This is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries today, as compared to lip augmentation. This surgery is ideal for reducing excess sized lips that tend to dominate other attractive features on the face.
Mostly lip reduction is sought for purely cosmetic reasons, when the oversized lips are deemed to mar the other attractive facial features. Excessively big lips tend to inhibit ideal speaking and eating problems too. Large lips are often the result of heredity or a congenital (birth) condition. The main aim of lip reduction surgery is to remove any abnormalities in the lips and to make the lips better proportionate to other rest of the facial features.

How is Lip Reduction surgery performed?

  • A lip reduction surgery is a cosmetic surgical procedure. It is used to remove excessive tissue from both lips.
  • The surgeon will administer local anesthetic to the lip region. This will numb the lip region and prevent any pain or discomfort to the patient during the short surgical procedure.
  • The surgeon will ideally make small incisions inside the mouth to avoid visible scarring. These incisions are used to access and remove the underlying tissues as well as excess skin of the lip.
  • Once the surgeon is satisfied with the size of the lips, the small incisions are closed using fine sutures that are often of the dissolvable type.

Are there any risks associated with Lip Reduction surgery?

One of the commonly effects after a lip reduction surgery is swelling of the lips. This usually fades within a few days and goes away completely in a couple of weeks. Bruising may also be seen in some cases, which also goes away with time naturally. As is seen in any type of surgical procedure, the lip reduction procedure also carries certain risks that are seen in rare cases, such as:

  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Numbness/tingling sensation

The surgeon will take every precaution to ensure that these risks are prevented.

What is recovery like after a Lip Reduction surgery?

The surgeon will prescribe painkiller to reduce discomfort from pain and also advise a specific diet to avoid stress on the incisions inside the lips to let them heal effectively. Minimal swelling might be seen for a couple of months at the most. The surgeon will be able to advise you best regarding the exact time for recovery following a lip reduction surgery.

A lip reduction surgery is an effective cosmetic surgery to help reduce the size of excessively large lips and transform them into being more proportionate with the rest of the facial features. This is an ideal surgery to help make a person look more attractive by enhancing the curves of their lips. As surgery requires making incisions inside the mouth it is basically a scar less cosmetic surgery with numerous benefits.