Double Chin Reduction

Double chin occurs due to weight gain and or aging. In overweight patient It is caused by accumulation of fat under the chin ( sub mental region), jaw line ( submandibular region) and neck proper. The double chin that occurs with age is due to either excess skin alone or excess skin with some amount of fat.

Double chin is more common in people with small lower jaw and chin ( microgenia and micrognathia). Sometimes it is due to a condition called ” Low Hyoid Bone”. In this condition the muscle that is attached between the jaw bone or mandible and hyoid bone in the neck lies in a inclined plane reducing the angle of the neck. This latter condition is difficult to correct by surgery.

How do you evaluate my condition to select a procedure?

A clinical examination of the tone of the skin, pinch test to identify an amount of fat and facial proportion assessment can differentiate the cause of double chin. Some patients may need a lateral cephalometric X Ray examination to check the jaw relationship.

What are the options to reduce my double chin?

  • A Classical double chin reduction is performed by removing the fat under the skin by liposuction of chin, jaw line and neck under local anaesthesia.
  • A small incision of size 2-3 mm is made behind the ear lobes and under the chin.
  • Usually technologies such as Laser or Vaser is used to emulsify the fat. This is followed by liposuction and contouring using micro cannulas.
  • Double chin due to excess skin may require skin lifting procedures such as thread lift or neck lift surgery.
  • If the chin is small than adding a chin implant can help to reduce the double chin with better contouring of chin neck angle.

What is the recovery of double chin reduction?

  • After the procedure, it is important to use a chin support garment with foam to support the skin and prevent swelling. This is worn for 4 days 24 hours followed by at least 12 hours a day or night for two to three weeks.
  • There is minimal bruising and discomfort requiring minimal medications.

What are the risks involved in double chin reduction surgery?

  • Bruising, hematoma, infection, lumpiness, discoloration, nerve damage are some possible risks involved.