Mastopexy (Breast Lift)

Mastopexy, commonly known as a ‘breast lift’ procedure is a cosmetic surgical procedure used to give a firm appearance to sagging breasts. The surgery improves the shape of your breasts by removing breast tissue and reshaping it to restore firmness to the breast and make them appear perky. A mastopexy is a purely aesthetic procedure which can be a significant help in improving the person’s self-confidence.

Why is Mastopexy required?

With ageing, the shape and size of the breasts change naturally. The breast tissue starts to lose its elasticity and firmness. Other causes that may need a mastopexy for restoring firmness in the breasts are:

  • Pregnancy: Pregnancy often causes the breast tissues to stretch as the breasts get heavier and fuller. This might result in the breasts to sag once breast feeding causes loss of volume in breasts.
  • Fluctuating weight: Frequent changes in weight levels may also result in loss of elasticity of skin.
  • Gravity:  With time, the breasts tend to droop downward due to constant gravitational pull over a long time.

These are the common reasons why a woman might need a mastopexy:

  • Breasts sag (loss of volume results in flat breasts)
  • Nipple position changes
  • Areola and nipples point down
  • Areola are disproportionate to the rest of the breasts
  • Asymmetrical breasts

Women who wish to get pregnant in the future are advised against undergoing mastopexy (breast lift) as the results are nullified once onset of pregnancy is seen.

How is Mastopexy performed?

The mastopexy (breast lift) procedure is mostly performed under general anesthesia to prevent any pain or discomfort to the patient. The surgeon will use one of various surgical approaches to perform the mastopexy, usually depending on the particular requirements of the individual case.

The cosmetic surgeon will make incisions:

  • Around the areola
  • Extending down from areola to crease of breasts
  • In a horizontal manner along the crease of the breasts

The surgeon might also include deep stitches within the breast tissue and decrease the size of breast skin and also shift the position of the nipples comparatively higher. The surgeon will use fine sutures, staples or medical adhesives to close the incisions.

What is recovery like after a Mastopexy procedure?

  • After a mastopexy, the surgeon will cover the breasts with soft gauze and a surgical support bra. Small drainage tubes might be placed in the incisions to help drain excessive blood or fluid that can accumulate inside the incision wound.
  • The breasts might be swollen and tender as well as painful for around a couple of weeks. The skin around the incisions will be reddish and sore for a few months. The skin of the nipples and areolas might be numb for around 6 weeks.
  • The doctor will prescribe painkillers to alleviate the pain. It is advised to avoid any activity that might put a strain on the breasts. The doctor will also advise how soon the patient can resume normal daily activities, depending on the individual’s progress.
  • Mastopexy, or breast lift, is one of the most common cosmetic surgical procedures performed all around the world. It is important to undergo a mastopexy with a well-experienced cosmetic surgeon for safe surgery and effective results.