Indications for Brazilian Butt lift

  • Small and Flat buttock
  • Unaesthetic gluteal shapes such as apple shape, pear shape buttocks
  • Post weight loss  Gluteal sagging
  • Patients desiring large and round gluteals

Who are Ideal candidates?

  • People having excess fat anywhere in the body area such as tummy, love handles, outer or inner thighs, arms.
  • Medically fit patients
  • Patients with realistic expectations

Who are not good candidates?

  • Very thin patients with no fat source
  • Athletes
  • Medical problems such as hyperthyroidism, uncontrolled diabetes etc

What does the procedure involve?

Assessment:  We will assess the shape of the gluteal area and the overlying skin.  We will than see excess of fat deposits around the buttock that is changing the shape of the gluts. We will look for Other areas of fat deposits to harvest the fat that will be used to augment the buttocks. If there is excess skin and buttock sagging than we will assess whether or not, additional skin excision procedure would be required.

What anaesthesia is required?

It is preferably done under general anaesthetic in very few selected individuals it can be done under local anaesthetic and IV sedation.

How is it performed?

The Gluteal region is marked considering all the aesthetic units of the buttock and the adjacent areas. Areas of fat removal is marked with Blue pen and area of augmentation is marked with red pen. After adequate anaesthesia, Tumescent infiltration of cocktail containing lidocaine and adrenaline is injected in all the areas using small incisions of two to three mm. The fat is allowed to become turgid than an Ultrasonic device is used in low power to break the fat cells.

The fat is than harvested with low power suction and collected in a closed system. After adequate removal of fat for augmentation, conventional Vaser or Ultrasonic liposculpturing is done to shape rest of the body. The harvested fat is then injected in the gluteal area at multiple levels to uniformly augment and reshape it. The small incisions may or may not be sutured. The area is covered with dressing and bandages.

What is the recovery?

After 24 hours the dressing is removed and replaced with a compression garment. Shower is permitted the next day. Patients are advised rest for four to five days. We recommend using soft cushion while sitting and to constantly change position. This will ensure for better fat acceptance.

What to expect after the procedure?

The area where the fat is removed will reshape in few months time with better 3 dimensional shaping of the body.
The buttock inially appears full and firm approximately 30-40% fat may get absorbed in three to four months time.
A second session may be required to achieve the desired result.