3 08, 2016

Liposuction Dubai

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Most of us have one area of our body that has been notoriously difficult to achieve the results we want no matter how strict and healthy our diet or how consistent our work outs. Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery procedure that was designed to address those specific areas of stubborn fat once and for all. [...]

26 07, 2016

Face Lift Dubai

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The Face Lift is a cosmetic surgical procedure that is performed under local anesthesia and IV sedation or general anesthesia. Typically incision are made around the ears in a Face Lift procedure which targets the lower portion of the face for rejuvenation. The Skin flap is elevated, the muscle layer is lifted and tightened and [...]

23 07, 2016

Arm Lift Dubai

By |July 23rd, 2016|0 Comments

The Arm Lift surgery is performed to improve the appearance of the upper arms by reducing excess, sagging skin. As we get older we all notice subtle and not so subtle changes to our figures–for many people the area of the upper arms can be the most difficult to tone. When there is excess, sagging [...]

17 07, 2016

Breast Implants Dubai

By |July 17th, 2016|0 Comments

Breast Implants are divided most commonly into two types: saline or silicone. Some breast implants are filled with a saline solution and others are filled with a silicone gel solutions. There are pros and cons to each, but at the end of the day, for most women it comes down to a matter of personal [...]

27 06, 2016


By |June 27th, 2016|0 Comments

The Rhytidectomy procedure is a popular cosmetic surgery performed under general anesthesia or local anesthesia and IV sedation. The Rhytidectomy, or Face Lift Surgery, is performed through incisions made around the ears. The Rhytidectomy targets the lower portion of the face to remove excess, sagging skin and create a more youthful, smooth and tight facial appearance that still [...]

15 06, 2016

Facial Fillers Dubai

By |June 15th, 2016|0 Comments

Facial Fillers are a popular cosmetic procedure that is non-surgical and is used to rejuvenate the face and reduce common signs of aging. Facial Fillers, like Antiaging, is an injectable treatment that takes such minutes to administer. The difference between Antiaging and Facial Fillers is that Antiaging targets lines and creases that have formed due [...]

8 06, 2016

Dermal Fillers Dubai

By |June 8th, 2016|0 Comments

Dermal Fillers, also called facial fillers, have helped many men and women achieve a more youthful appearance. The dermal fillers is performed to fill in areas of the face where a loss of volume has create lines, wrinkles, and creases. These changes most often occur around the delicate skin of the eyes, in the brow, or [...]

31 05, 2016

Breast Enhancement Recovery Dubai

By |May 31st, 2016|0 Comments

Breast enhancement surgery has helped many women achieve the breast results they desired. Breast enhancement, or breast augmentation, can enhance breasts that are disproportionately small or breasts that have decreased in size over time—it can also be used to correct a severe breast asymmetry (where one breast is significantly smaller than the other). Ideal candidates [...]

24 05, 2016

Breast Augmentation Dubai

By |May 24th, 2016|0 Comments

The Breast Augmentation is a popular cosmetic surgery procedure designed to enhance the size of a woman’s breasts. Breast Augmentation is achieved with the use of breast implants that are either filled with saline solution or silicone gel and come in a variety of sizes, shapes, textures and may be placed either in front of [...]

16 05, 2016

Breast Reduction Dubai

By |May 16th, 2016|0 Comments

Breast Reduction is a procedure to reduce the size and weight of the breasts. Women with overly large breasts often experience daily pain associated with the excess weight they are carrying in the chest. Some women find that their overly large breasts limit their ability to perform or comfortably enjoy some physical activities that many [...]

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