Mini Tummy Tuck:

Mini Tummy tuck is a modified abdominoplasty surgery.  It is a compromise situation where the patient does not want to go through a full abdominoplasty or in selected patients a mini tummy tuck is able to address their issues.

Mini Tummy tuck procedures:

  • Short Scar tummy tuck without umbilical relocation (Limited Dermolipectomy)
  • Short Scar tummy tuck with floating umbilicus
  • Endoscopic assisted Rectus muscle repair

Who are the ideal candidates?

  • Patients with normal weight/ underweight who have excess skin mostly below the belly button
  • Patient with moderate weight, good skin quality has a small lower abdomen panniculus
  • Thin patient with only muscle bulge or diversification of recti muscles.
  • Realistic expectations

Who is not a good candidate?

  • Significant excess skin, excess fat, extensive stretch marks and muscle bulge
  • Patients expecting totally firm skin and flat abdomen
  • Patient planning more pregnancies

How is the procedure done?

Mini tummy tuck can be performed under general anaesthetic or local anaesthesia and IV sedation. Tumescent infiltration is used to minimise bleeding & postoperative discomfort. If there are fat pockets than Liposuction is performed. A small incision is used in the bikini line area to remove excess skin. If the excess skin is also present above the umbilicus and muscle needs repair the belly button is disconnected from the underlying muscle. The muscles are repaired. Excess skin is pulled down and removed. Umbilicus may be translocated few cms down and then fixated to the muscle again.

What is the recovery?

The recovery is quicker than the conventional tummy tuck and patient can resume work within 5-6 days in most cases.